Saturday, January 19, 2019

CryptoFrog’s Weekly Recap: 12-16/11

This week was extremely exciting for the crypto world! Check out why:  

CryptoFrog’s Weekly Recap

Check out what happened in the crypto world this week. 29/10 - 02/11        

CryptoFrog’s Weekly Recap: 22-26/10/2018

What happened in the crypto world this week? Find out in our video summary.    

Watch the First Taco Paid with Dash

The Dash community can purely rejoice! The announcement was posted on Reddit just a few hours ago by the Dashpay account. It took place in the Dash Embassy Thailand on 16th of October 2018. The Dash Ambassador Felix Mago and the Missing Buro Mexican restaurant...

Ethereum-based SpankChain Got Hacked, Hacker Returns Stolen Tokens

SpankChain, an adult entertainment, was hacked on Saturday. A few days later, the hacker returned all stolen money to the company.