As CryptoFrog reported, a 24-years old man was killed in Oslo on Monday last week. The young investor was stabbed with a knife more than twenty times in his home in the Majorstuen neighborhood. His name is already known, that was Heikki Bjørklund Paltto, who, according to the local reports, made about a million in Norwegian kroner from Bitcoin investments. His friends say, he was intending to buy an apartment in the Norwegian capital with the profit.

First assumptions were that Paltto became a victim of a peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange, which went wrong in his residence. It was believed the trader had to meet people and sell Bitcoins for cash.

It turns out it was probably a random murder. More than a week the police had no suspects and did not share any information about the case with the media. Now, it became clear that the killer was Makaveli Lindén, a 20-years old Swedish citizen, the news outlet Verdens Gang states.

Linden tried to run away to Sweden before leaving and was arrested in France. After his escape, the investigating unit in Oslo contacted Interpol for an international support. Soon after that the criminal was caught and detained.

Linden is a ‘friend’ of the Swedish police with a small crimes background, mainly for robbery and drug abuse. According to the local news, he was planning to rob Paltto’s house by a random choice, not being aware that the young victim was a Bitcoin millionaire. They went into a fight and the lethal end followed. The murder had already served for previous offenses and will be now convicted for the horrible murder.



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