In a recent publication about cryptocurrency exchange OKEx, the value of decentralization in blockchain has been highlighted. The company is coming up with a decentralized exchange and blockchain platform. The blockchain platform will be known as “OKChain.” The project is nearing the completion stage. In June this year (2019), OKEx will conduct a testnet. It will also be tasked with hosting the decentralized exchange by OKEx.

OKEx also has a native utility-token known as OKB. In April, the token will feature on the ERC-20 blockchain. Immediately OK chain gains stability, it will be shifted to the OKChain mainnet. OKB will mainly deal with the token pre-sale. OKEx has also been supporting the Thai baht-crypto trading since February. Their support is centred on the client-to-client platform. OKEx is only focusing on Tether (USDT), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC). All these types of cryptocurrency will be used when trading with the Thai baht. The transactions will take place on the peer-to-peer platform.

OKCoin was founded by Star Xu. The company has been growing fast, and Star Xu was able to acquire a controlling stake at LEAP Holdings. The engineering firm is located in the Caymans, and it has also been enlisted at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

On December last year, OKEx also came up with Perpetual Swap, a new crypto derivative product that helps users to predict the value of the Bitcoin/USD in the future. The perpetual swap by OKEx does not have an expiration date which means it can be used indefinitely. Currently, OKEx is also ranked as the eighth largest company that deals with cryptocurrency exchange.


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