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STOs, not ICOs Are the Future, New Research Says

Node Blockchain Inc. published a new research called “Security Token Offerings. The Evolution of Capital Formation”. The company is based in Toronto, Canada and...
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ICO Funding Fell With 48% in Q3, New Research Reveals

A new study, published on 15th of November, by the independent research group ICO Rating gives insights on the latest coin projects. In toto,...
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ICO Issuers Will Pay Taxes, French Regulator Says

France struggles to regulate its ICO market for quite a while. However, the process still goes in a slow way. At the beginning of...

First Islamic Crypto Exchange Opens Next Yeat, ICOs Already on Sale

The First Islamic Cryptocurrency Exchange (FICE) will go live in June 2019, their roadmap states. FICE is supported by ADAB Solutions, a crypto, and...

Thai SEC Warns About 5 Unapproved Coins and 4 ICOs

The Thai Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a warning against 9 ICOs. The alert, posted on Friday, 26th of October, includes: Every Coin ...
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