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Hacker Group Targets Cryptocurrency Exchanges with Advanced Technology

According to Kaspersky Lab, Lazarus, a criminal hacker group allegedly sponsored by the North Korean government, is persisting in its cyber attacks on cryptocurrencies. Kaspersky...

OKEx is a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform that has Developed Its Own Blockchain.

In a recent publication about cryptocurrency exchange OKEx, the value of decentralization in blockchain has been highlighted. The company is coming up with a decentralized...

High Levels of Cryptocurrency Mining Observed Among College Students

Schools of higher learning in the United States have become one of the major settings for cryptocurrency mining, with the free utilities associated with...
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Binance Just Invested $3 Million in a US OTC Exchange

Binance team announced in a press release on Tuesday, 20th of November that the company collaborated with Koi trading platform. Binance is the biggest...
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Greece Suppresses Accused Bitcoin Scammer’s Rights, According to His Lawyer

The case dates back to 2011. BTC-e was launched as a cryptocurrency exchange offering popular at the time coins against the US dollar, Russian...
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