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Ethereum’s Incredible Year: Price Reaches Unseen 2018 Levels

Cryptocurrency market decline started last week with the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. Around 14th and 15th of November, the two major cryptos the Bitcoin...
Ethereum golden coin

Ethereum’s co-founder: Blockchain Brings Luxury

The co-founder of the second most popular cryptocurrency, the Ethereum, and the founder of ConsenSys, Brooklyn-based software studio, Joseph Lubin talked today on the...
mobile crypto application

MetaMask Announced New App for Their Ethereum Wallet

MetaMask’s wallet mobile version was announced on the annual Devcon conference yesterday. The co-founder of Ethereum, Joe Lubin posted the news personally on his...
A picture of space

Blockchain Meets Cosmology: Ethereum’s ConsenSys Just Bought Planetary Resources

The blockchain is going into space. Literally. The Ethereum-developing company Consensys acquired Planetary Resources Inc., a press release announced yesterday. Consensys was founded in 2015 by...

Crypto Charity WeTrust Spring Will Match All Ether Donations

WeTrust is a platform for developing of financial application, which recently launched the charity organization Spring. As reported by the Crowdfund Insider, Spring announced...
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