MapleChange is a relatively small crypto exchange with around 1,000 users, based in Edmonton, Alberta. Yesterday, the startup announced on Twitter that:

The Canadian company has allegedly lost all their funds, about 913 Bitcoins worth approximately $6 million USD.

Soon after that, the account was deleted by Twitter, which led many crypto fans to the suspicions it was just another scam.

Just two days ago, on October 27th, the company announced that their upgrade is ready and from now on, users can rejoice on their software Version 2.0.0. Just a day after, MapleChange declared a hack and shut all its accounts down. Now, there is another account on Twitter, called @MapleChange’d, which posts news and updates about the exchange.

A real hack or an exit scam?

Social media is now a complete mess. Tweets are posted every couple of minutes with statements from “It was an obvious scam, people!” to “They were hacked for real”.

MapleChange had an exceeding trading volume for the last two weeks. According to CoinGecko’s chart, on some days the volume went up to $30,000 and on some, like 22nd October even over $60,000 USD. Exactly because of the raised profits, many traders assume it was a take-it-and-go kind of scam.

At the same time, MapleChange’s second Twitter account keeps posting ways to connect them and to refund at least a part of users’ funds. However, this does not seem a legitimate way of refunding and it is not yet clear if any users managed to withdraw their assets back.

However, CryptoFrog stays up-to-date with the case’s outcome and will immediately report for any news.



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