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OKEx is a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform that has Developed Its Own Blockchain.

In a recent publication about cryptocurrency exchange OKEx, the value of decentralization in blockchain has been highlighted. The company is coming up with a decentralized...
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10 Unconventional Blockchain Uses You’d Be Surprised About

Oh, blockchain… A word so over-spoken lately and yet, so little understood! If you still wonder how this technology works, make sure to read our...
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The Biggest Korean Power Provider to Implement Blockchain

Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) announced in a press release on Monday that it will develop a refined microgrid system with blockchain technology. The...
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Catalonia Considers Blockchain E-Voting System

The Spanish news platform La Vanguardia just reported yesterday that the Catalan government considers switching to e-voting public system on the blockchain network. According...
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Bitcoin Cash Divided Into 2 New Coins: Which Blockchain Will Prevail?

Bitcoin Cash, the last-year born division of the Bitcoin, goes through numerous forks for its short life. The last one, as CryptoFrog informed, was...
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Ethereum’s co-founder: Blockchain Brings Luxury

The co-founder of the second most popular cryptocurrency, the Ethereum, and the founder of ConsenSys, Brooklyn-based software studio, Joseph Lubin talked today on the...
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Alt-Right Network Gab Plans to Use Blockchain

The social network Gab, founded in 2016, became famous recently following the case of the Pittsburgh massacre. On Saturday, the accused truck driver Robert...
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Blockchain Meets Cosmology: Ethereum’s ConsenSys Just Bought Planetary Resources

The blockchain is going into space. Literally. The Ethereum-developing company Consensys acquired Planetary Resources Inc., a press release announced yesterday. Consensys was founded in 2015 by...

The Chief of Russian Election Commission Says ‘Blockchain’ Needs Rebranding

On the 29th of October, Ella Pamfilova talked on a conference dedicated on the 25th anniversary of Russia’s electoral system. The head of the...

Israel Rocks the Blockchain Industry with More than 200 Startups

The Israeli Blockchain Organization just released its third startup map. It clearly shows that currently there are more than 200 local blockchain companies, which...
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